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Auto insurance premiums are on the rise due to several factors. 1. More miles driven by the typical customer. 2. Legalized marijuana (in some States). In Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, where recreational marijuana is legal, collision claims frequency is about 6% higher, according to 2... READ MORE >>

AUTO-OWNERS INSURANCE COMPANY'S ANNUAL REPORT HIGHLIGHTS  The Group’s property/casualty and life net written premiums were $5,992,924,224, up 3.3% from 2014. Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company ended the year with $34.1 billion of life insurance in force, an increase of 4.1% from 2014. READ MORE >>

WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE When do you need a workers compensation insurance policy in NC? When does someone working for you need coverage?  What is an independent contractor? These questions have some cut and dry answers and some are fuzzy at best. READ MORE >>

Under N.C. state law the N.C. Rate Bureau sets rates based upon individual driving records via the Safe Driver Incentive Program.  This program penalizes drivers with traffic convictions or at fault accidents.  The N.C. legislature created the Motor Vehicle Reinsurance Facility in 1973 to create a pool to provide coverage for high risk drivers since N. READ MORE >>

IMPORTANT NEWS! Progressive Insurance Company lowered their personal auto insurance rates and we literally cut an older couples 6 month auto premium in half with full coverage on two vehicles.   They also have specialized coverage for RV insurance.  See below for some highlights. READ MORE >>

The N.C. Insurance Comissioner has approved a rate increase for our territory of 16.6 % effective June 1, 2015.  This is the second rate increase for the homeowner line of business since last July when a 17% increase was imposed.  Most homeowners will not see the full 16. READ MORE >>

BELOW IS AN EXCERPT OF THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FROM THE INSURANCE COMMISIONER'S OFFICE.  HAYWOOD COUNTY IS IN TERRITORY 380 AND WE WILL SEE A 16.6 % INCREASE SOMETIME IN 2015. Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has ordered a zero percent statewide overall average change in homeowners insurance rates, effective June 1, 2015. READ MORE >>

What is NETS?  It stands for Noncomplaint Employer Targeting System.  This is a new intelligent system used by the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) to identify employers that are potentially violating the statutory requirement to provide workers’ compensation benefits to their READ MORE >>

Wonder why your North Carolina homeowner insurance policy is going up? According to A.M. Best, an industry rating service, only 4 years out of 20 has been profitable in the homeowner lines of business countrywide. Also, North Carolina is the only state from all adjoining states around us that has not taken a rate increase of at last 18% or more since 2011. READ MORE >>

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